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Time to Adopt the “New Technology”

Time to Adopt the New Technology

I am a girl, who is too “Not so cool” to adopt with the world outside, that is what others say. Though that does not mean I do not get straight ‘A’ every time I sit for an exam in my engineering school. Sabina, who is my lovely, caring mom, watch out for me. Help me adopting with the “Cool” world. I got her an iPod last Christmas. And her reaction was like,
“Seriously? An iPod?”
Though she thanked me, you see, she never really thought that she was going to figure this thing out. According to her it was a merely small tool. And after a few days I found out it was only being used as an expensive vanity bag, in which you do not even keep your cosmetics. And she was like-“Touché”. She admitted that she wouldn’t know how to put songs and videos onto it, let alone being able to play those. So, I felt like it is my duty to help her with that department. Believe me it was easy. All I needed to do was just making her stop procrastinating and actually put a little effort. First she found it a bit difficult but after getting a couple of instruction, she started appreciate having it. She now spends a lot time skating around house, listening to her favorite artists.
Are You Having A Hard Time Adopting With the New Technology?
 I know one thing that a lot of you people here are reading my article and smiling silently, because they can relate themselves with her. The world has now become an ocean of the inventions of new technology. These new technologies are supposed to make our lives effortless and more gratifying. But the very idea of getting used to with some of these technologies accelerates vacillation and justifications.
A new and surprising invention, DIGITAL BRAIN – A SURROGATE FOR HUMAN BRAINS.
If you are a tech savvy person, who can use this thing?
Are they going to mock me if I call customer care and ask questions?                                                           What will other people say if I cannot do this right?
Ring a bell?
If your answer is yes, then I have my exclusive tech advice for you.
Best Ever Tips of Mine to Get Acquainted With New Technology:
We love technology, because we need it to make our life easier, more comfy. But we become cynic, when we face complications learning new technology and we get balked, crabbed easily. Remember-Where there’s A Will, There’s a Way. And in this case if you have a will, there are three ways:
1. DON’T BE BASHFUL- Do not step back out of fear. Remember the time when you learned to ride a bike. That time the idea of tip down did not restrain you from asking your parents for a shiny one. It is the same with technology. Disclose one thing. How many times you showed a stranger where the trail goes. Learning something new is not something to be ashamed of.
2. BE PATIENT-I tell you what, if you just be patient enough and take the time to familiarize with these new technological products on the market you will see how they make your life smoother, how make you use your time more accordingly. After you would wonder how you ever went without those.
3. SEEK HELP- I remember that when I learnt to ride a bike, my mom helped me. Walked with me down the street. If we can seek help to learn bike riding, why can’t while learning the features of a technological product?  There are instruction manuals, customer support, and online guidance and so on. You can help yourself with any of these.
Actually, the word new technology is more of a technical term. It means nothing but tiny improvements to what is already in place. And this tiny changes change our lifestyle in a blink. These very changes are denoted today by the term “new technology”. In the late 1800s the new technology was the invention of electric bulbs and phonograph. Today it is iPod, Linux, Hubble space telescope, laser, international space station and many other things I cannot even name.
Okay, Okay, I admit my headline was cheesy. But, I just, you know, just couldn’t resist myself! Anyway, it is time you adopt with the newest wonders of technology and lead a lot easier life.

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