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Ok Glass, The Phrase That Will Change The Future

Ok Glass, The Phrase That Will Change The Future

Google’s product marketing manager Amanda Rosenberg has revealed the real story behind the phrase “Ok Glass” on Google+.

It turns out that the creator of this amazing word “Ok Glass” got her job on this project, she had a dinner with the product manager of Google Glass and his wife, and she was really desperate to become a part in the marketing campaign for Google Glass. Rosenberg wanted to prove herself worthy enough to get this place. Although, dinner didn’t provide any opportunity. However, on the drive back home, Balez did reveal to her that the team was having a little trouble in coming up with a hot word to activate the voice commands in this product. Instantly the phrase “Ok Glass” came to Rosenbergs mind but she didn’t share it with Balez right away, as she thought that the word wasn’t that much catchy. So she decided to give it a night and to think over it.


The Phrase “Ok Glass” Got Rosenberg The Job She Wanted

However, the night went by and she couldn’t come up with anything better than “Ok Glass”. She emailed Balez that she has come up with “Ok Glass”, and the rationale behind the word “Ok”, as it is the only word that is widely used across many culture as an affirmative expression. The Google Glass team later responded to Rosenberg that she has got the job, which she wanted so badly.

Phrases Used Before “Ok Glass”

However, nobody knows about the hot words, which the project team was tossing around before finally settling on “Ok Glass”. Some of them were “Go Go Glass”, ” Clap on”, Pew pew pew”, and “Device, please.” But none of them could beat the simplicity and strength of the phrase “Ok Glass”. Yes, we were also a little bit disappointed from Google’s team as the phrases they came up with weren’t according to the standard they have.

Do let us know in the comments, whether you liked this short story behind this phrase “Ok Glass” that will change the way we interact with machines.

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