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How to make Windows 7 look like Windows 8

There have been lot of theme packs  released recently, That enable you to experience the new features of Windows 8 on your Windows 7 . In this article we will tell you  how to customize Windows 7 to look like Windows 8 , which Microsoft have launch recently.

How to make Windows 7 look like Windows 8


Windows 8


1. WINDOWS 7 Ultimate  32BIT/64BIT (Build 7600) os

2. Windows 8 transformation pack for windows 7

3.NET Framework 4.0 is required

4. We strongly recommend you to check your pc for registry errors.



installation of Windows 8 Transformation Pack: The best part of the transformation pack is its easy and safe installation. You get a single EXE file which you have to run . First get the windows8 Transformation pack 2.0 . Double click on setup  . Setup will now run and install on your os .

open the transformation pack which will look like this .


Click install button . Installation of the Windows 8 Transformation Pack will begin.

After installing theme pack open the pack Somewhat look like this .

Step 2: After finishing the configuration  start the newgen .

: Now Your screen will eventually turn black and white and the Windows 8-like theme will be applied. Restart your system for the rest of the modules to finish their installation.

: Upon restarting Windows 7, The first thing you will notice is the startup screen which is still black, but has some added design that makes it look better. We are not exactly sure it this will look the same in the final release of Windows 8. What comes next is the new login screen, with the Windows 8 Ultimate logo. A similar design is applied here and it looks quite great. The power options are available at the bottom right of the screen with the big button, which cannot go unseen. I also noticed that the blue is mild when compared to the default login screens in previous versions of Windows and it looks soothing.


Step 3: Once you’ve logged in, the first things that you’ll notice are the new wallpaper and widgets. There is also a sidebar which provides you options like Search, Share and Settings.


Step 4: The Windows 8-like Metro UI (which is called Zetro) is not enabled by default and you need to go to Personalize > Installed Themes and pick Zetro UI to activate it. Once done, you get to see an interface that looks much cleaner than the normal UI. You also get functionalities like Aero auto-colorization, user tiles in the taskbar, etc.

At Windows X have even managed to change the About window in Windows 7 to resemble as if it’s from Windows 8.

Please note that you must have .NET Framework 4.0 installed to make these things work.

Other Changes:

Step 5: The start menu icon is one of the major changes made by the Windows 8 transformation pack. The circular windows icon is replaced by a cool Windows logo.

My Computer gets some new styling look because of Windows 8 transformation pack. Memory bar scrollbars  are prominent in black colour.

Main thing in this theme is the way things are transparent. You get to see through window title bars, the start menu etc.

The Windows 8 transformation pack is the most comprehensive styling option for Windows users.IT works on all versions of windows like xp sp2,3 and vista,. Although it is not exactly sure whether all these components will remain the same when Windows 8 is launched. Thanks a lot for reading this post I hope this will work for you .


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