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HTC Desire 600 Provides Economical HTC One Experience Through HTC Sense 5

HTC Desire 600 Provides Economical HTC One Experience Through HTC Sense 5

HTC Desire 600 is a new flagship introduced in July 2013 by HTC, which provides the same experience of HTC One using the latest HTC Sense 5.

With the launch of HTC Desire 600, HTC has fulfilled the wishes of many users who wished to get the similar but economical experience of HTC One with HTC Sense 5. HTC One has been leading the market due to it’s revolutionary built design, but a major part of it’s success and beauty is the software and UI itself. Although, running on the same Android, HTC Sense 5 provided a completely different experience and many people wished to get their hands on it.

However, the higher price of HTC One was the main hurdle. With the launch of HTC Desire 600 (which isn’t that much of a cheap deal itself ) users have a comparatively economical solution  for their dream to come true.

HTC Desire 600 Design & Specifications

HTC Desire 600 is quite slim, and light as well. However, the body is made up of pure plastic. Even though you wont find it creaky and of low quality but it certainly is of no match with the Aluminum made HTC One’s body. It comes with a relatively decent screen of 4.5 inches, so the overall size and built of the device is more than satisfactory. Coming down to the specifications, the screen has a resolution of 540*960 pixels with a full RGB sup-pixel arrangement and a decent pixel density of 245 ppi. The colors are also very contrasty and vivid. The screen brightness is also very high, so using this cellphone in sunlight isn’t an issue at all. Also, the viewing angles are excellent as you can see what’s on the screen from extreme angles.

This phone doesn’t come loaded with the ultrapixel camera. It has an 8 megapixel regular auto-focus camera with a single LED flash, and a 1.6 mega pixel front cam. However, the camera interface and most of the features are same as that of the HTC One. Videos can be recorded at a maximum of 720p at 24 frames per second, however, certain photography issues like yellowish colors and mediocre details are also there.

HTC Desire 600 runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 chipset with a Quad core 1.2 GHz Cortex A-5 Processor. It has an Andreno 203 GPU, 1 GB of Ram and an internal 8GB memory. However, it can be upgraded to 64 GB using external memory. It uses Android JellyBean OS.

Final Word About HTC Desire 600

Even though HTC Desire 600 has some issues, and it’s not that cheap as people think of it to be. It is still hell of a smartphone with superior built quality and some nice and promising specifications. It can get the job done pretty easily. Do let us know in the comments whether HTC Desire 600 is going to be a deal changer for you or not?

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