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Hands On With The Amazing Moto X by Google & Motorola

Hands On With The Amazing Moto X by Google & Motorola

In our opinion, Moto X has become the living reality of the dream we saw when Google acquired Motorola. It comes with it’s own list of features with an amazing “always-on” listening feature which fades the magic of iPhone series as well.

Moto X is the smartphone people were waiting from quite a long time now. After the acquisition of Motorola by Google Inc. back in 2011;  most of the critics and experts had an understanding that Google wanted to start it’s own line of gadgets; with not only the software but the hardware as well, designed and manufactured under the sole authority, name, and ownership of Google. However, Google took a really long time in making this dream come true. And Moto X is exactly what we were expecting from Google to offer. But better come late than never.

Differentiating Features of Moto X.

One of the most differentiating features of Google’s Moto X is the “always-on” listening feature, which means that the phone is kind of alive. Even in the stand by mode, the phone will listen to your commands and will act upon them. All you have to do is to say out loud “Ok Google Now” and the phone will become active to perform all your voice commands. Moto X can easily perform tasks like reading your texts, telling you about weather updates and all, but you still have to touch the screen in order to send text messages or saving drafts.


So how is that the phone can always listen to you, even in the standby mode? According to Pete Pachal of Mashable

“It’s thanks to Motorola’s X8 processor — also found within the new Droids — a custom system-on-a-chip (SoC) design that includes a dedicated low-power core, separate from the main quad-core CPU, that uses only a tiny bit of power.”

Also, Moto X has a “hyper-awareness” feature, which means that the phone is always aware of where the user is. Based on the position of it’s screen, like if it’s faced down, in a moving vehicle or in a pocket, it adjusts its behavior according to that ( like it wont show you the notifications when it’s faced down). This hyper-awareness feature of Moto X extends beyond the sensors only. If your smartphone calendar says that you’re busy in an activity like meeting, the phone will send all your calls to voicemail.

Moto X Hyperawareness Feature

In Moto X, you can activate the camera  just by twisting the phone back and forth. Similarly, in Moto X, you can take snapshots by touching the screen or pressing and holding the same snapshot touchscreen icon can activate the full burst mode. Also, advanced camera settings can be activated only by swiping from the side. However, the primary camera screen is very austere.

Even though, Moto X has a 4.7 inches screen, it still seems significantly smaller and lighter than the HTC One, which is a little difficult to use by one hand only. If we compare HTC One with Moto X, the latter does lack the shiny aluminum body and the front facing speakers, however; the composite backside of the Moto X is still a very comfortable, and grippy back in it’s own domain, and the rear speakers also produce a significantly loud sound.

Moto X Beats the Rest with its Customization Feature

One of the top and unique features of Moto X is the extreme customization. On buying this amazing smartphone online, you will be able to choose from over 2,000 color combinations using MotoMaker Suite (for the time being, only offered to AT&T).

Moto X Color Customization

If we look at this phone, it has pretty innovating features running on promising specifications. Let us know in the comments, whether Moto X is going to be your next smartphone?

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