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Growing Your Business With Social Media

Growing Your Business With Social Media

The benefits social media brings to your business does not end with sharing your content with a large number of your followers at once. Companies all over the world have been discovering other numerous ways they can grow their businesses using social media. There are still people who are still skeptical about the benefit of social media to their business. This post is aimed at outlining ten very effective ways social media helps your business grow.

Helps You Learn About Your Audience Easily

The key to success in any industry is knowing your audience. Social media makes knowing your audience easier. Certain tools like the Facebook Insights in Hootsuite can help you learn the major languages used among your audience, as well as other information like their age or gender. With this knowledge, you can be able to focus your campaigns and product promotions on your target audience, which guarantees you better returns on investment.

Helps Target Audience More Effectively

Geo-targeting is a very effective way of sending your message out to a target audience or demographic depending on their location. Social media like Facebook and Twitter have features that enable you make the right content available to your audience. For instance, Hootsuits allows you target your audience by Language, Location, Age, Gender or Relationship status, Area of Interest, Education, Country, etc. Geo-targeting enables you send out content meant for Spanish speakers to a target Spanish-speaking audience easily.

Helps Find New Customers And Expand Your Audience

Social networks such as Twitter give small businesses the chance to search out potential customers. For instance, if you open a new shop in your neighborhood, you can have a geo search in Hootsuite on Twitter to enable you find people who tweet often they need where they can get a cup of coffee in the neighborhood each morning. When you find people tweeting about coffee, you can reach out to them, and invite them over your coffee shop to try out your hot coffee.

Helps You Get Instant Feedback From Customers

Utilizing the features of social media for business grants you instant access to both negative and positive feedback, which helps you understand the perspective of the customer. For instance, if you share your new business on Twitter, you will know how your customers feel about the new business instantly. One other effective way to gain customers perspectives with social networks is to learn how they utilize your products and services.

Helps Improve Your Knowledge About The Market And Put You Ahead Of The Competition

Social media monitoring can help you gain valuable insights on your competitors’ strategies, which helps improve your market intelligence. This knowledge enables you make the most strategic business decisions to stay ahead of competition. You can create search streams using Hootsuite to monitor your competitors’ activities. Your search results will enable you know what services and tools your competitors miss and offer them to your customers.

Helps You Generate Traffic And Leads To Your Site

One of the most important benefits of social media to your online business is in traffic generation. Social media shares help increase your search engine rankings, which helps your brand awareness campaign a great deal. The good thing about social media is they help you share content faster and reach a wider audience at a fraction of the cost.


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