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Gadgets That Improve Your Productivity On The Go

Gadgets That Improve Your Productivity On The Go

When it comes to staying ahead of competition in business and being updated on all current happenings around the world at all times, you need to some gadgets to help you stay connected. During the course of a busy day, little issues like low battery warnings on your Smartphone, forgetting your USB cable for your important PowerPoint presentations, can bring everything to a sudden halt and hurt the business-but not when you are armed with the following three all important gadgets.


If your laptop has been upgraded to run windows 8, and you have been finding the new interface hard to navigate, maddening and frustrating, you are not the only one experiencing these problems. In the absence of a touch screen laptop or tablet, Windows 8 is everything but user friendly. However, your windows 8 experience can be maximized using some very exotic devices.

The Apen Touch 8 is a wireless stylus pen, which is suitable for any laptop with windows 8 and a screen which can be 17 inches or less. This gadget is as easy to use as clicking an icon on your laptop screen. All you need o is to connect and touch. The Apen Touch 8 can be connected wirelessly to a receiver that clips on the side of your laptop. Touch screen functions built into windows 8 can be performed by any user by plugging the receiver into any of the USB ports on your laptop. You can simply slide, drag or swap to operate or browse through your files, images, videos or web pages. You can take notes in your own handwriting using the Apen Touch 8, annotate or sign documents, add personal touches to photos or presentations and even draw some fun images. The Apen touch 8 allows handwritten notes to be transferred into text.

Apen touch 8 goes for $29.00 and can be found at wxpense.com CHARGECARD & CHARGEKEY BY NOMAD both resulting from successful Kickstarter projects.

The ChargeCard is a modern compact USB phone charger (about the size of a credit card), small enough to fit into your wallet very perfectly. All you need to charge your android or iphone is to plug the ChargeCard into any USB port. With this very efficient and convenient charger, you no longer have to carry a bulky wall charger and power cable to charge your Smartphone whenever you are away from home. All you need do is take the ChargeCard out of your wallet, flip the cable located in the card center open and connect to a USB port and your Smartphone to top up your battery life.

The ChargeKey by Nomad on the other hand, is a micro USB cable, approximately the size of a house key. It so small that you can easily carry it around in your key ring; it gives you the opportunity to have a USB cable handy at all times. It is made of very flexible plastic, which allows you to bend it in almost any desired direction for easy connectivity. It is sold in two versions: the ChargeKey for iphone the and ChargeKey Micro USB for Android, Nexus, Samsung, and all micro-USB powered devices.

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