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5 Of The Most Popular Streaming Services Online & 5 Things We Used To Do Before Them!

5 Of The Most Popular Streaming Services Online & 5 Things We Used To Do Before Them

The recent explosion in the number of online streaming services means it is now easier than ever to watch a film or listen to a piece of music at any time you wish.

The simple click of a button can bring the latest Hollywood blockbuster to your computer screen, saving you the time and effort of a trip to the cinema or your local rental store.

Indeed, it is becoming increasingly difficult to remember what people did before these streaming services came into existence. With so many sites competing for your attention, it is worth cutting down the options and concentrating on the very best. In order to see this, here i am going to represent top 5 best streaming services online and also representing that what we used to do before them!

Top 5 Best Streaming Services Online Websites are –

Netflix Streaming Service Website

NetFlixNetflix, the largest and currently most popular streaming site, began its subscription-based service way back in 1999. Growing rapidly, the company now boasts over 30 million subscribers across the globe. Initially, Netflix concentrated on DVD rentals, physically sending out discs to consumers to view at their leisure.

Although this service is still available, the biggest draw for Netflix now is undoubtedly the instant streaming of film and television titles. For a monthly fee, subscribers are able to watch select titles on their PC screens. Content can also be viewed on a number of tablets, smartphones and games consoles. The choice of titles that can be streamed instantly at Netflix continues to grow and now makes the physical renting of DVD discs seem a trifle old-fashioned.

What people did before Netflix: In the days before instant online streaming, if you had the urge to watch a top Hollywood film at home, a brisk walk to your local rental shop was required. Even then, you could never be sure of being able to rent the film of your choice as someone else may have beaten you to it!

Spotify Streaming Service Website

SpotifyJust as Netflix is the most popular streaming service for visual media, Spotify seems to be the current destination of choice for music lovers. Offering a number of different membership options, Spotify enables users to listen to their favourite songs on their computers, smartphones or tablets. The free option on Spotify gives access to a huge range of music, the only downside being the presence of adverts.

Paid membership options provide ad-free access and also the ability to download songs to listen to whenever people are offline. The Spotify system is very intelligent, building up a playlist based on each individual user’s listening history.

What people did before Spotify: As the CD made the cassette tape obsolete, so too are sites like Spotify threatening to end the life of the compact disc. Why brave the crowds in the shopping centre to physically purchase a CD when you can instantly listen to the same music on your PC without leaving the house?

Livestream Streaming Service Website

livestreamLivestream is one of the most innovative streaming services in operation, giving members the opportunity to watch live events as they happen. After paying a membership fee, users can view a growing range of live events from a number of major companies. Livestream is based in the US, so most of the events shown are American in origin but can be viewed worldwide.

In addition to offering a service to viewers, Livestream is an opportunity for organisers and artists to bring their live event to a wider audience. What people did before Livestream: there is nothing like witnessing a live event in the flesh of course, but sometimes it is just not possible to be there.

What people did before Livestream: In order to watch an event taking place outside your country, you would either have to rely on somebody posting brief highlights in a grainy video on YouTube or hope it would turn up on TV at a later date.

Blinkbox Streaming Service Website

BlinkboxBased in the UK, Blinkbox offers a similar service to Netflix, but with one major difference: whereas Netflix is subscription only, users of Blinkbox only pay for each title viewed, much like a rental service. The actual prices paid depend on the age and popularity of the title.

One of the advantages of Blinkbox is that the latest film releases are available sooner than on many subscription-only services.

What people did before Blinkbox: There is nothing quite like watching a film on the big screen, but cinema prices can make this prohibitive nowadays. A trip to the cinema used to be a cosy family experience, but the advent of multiplexes seems to have changed that.

Amazon Instant Video (Formerly Amazon on demand)

amazonIs there anything that Amazon does not do? Their On Demand service allows users to instantly watch film and television programmes in return for a monthly subscription. As with Netflix and Blinkbox, the choice of titles is fairly wide-ranging and growing continually.

What people did before Amazon Instant Video: It is difficult to imagine what people actually did at all before Amazon came into being. Taking a trip to a bricks-and-mortar retail store just seems so old-fashioned and unnecessary now.

The burgeoning popularity of online streaming services, which are growing in number at a phenomenal rate, shows that the way people like to be entertained has changed forever. In today’s fast-paced world, it seems that people want their entertainment delivered in one way only: instantly.


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